Questions Arise With Rezz’s New Social Media Avatar

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The web is broadly known for being the interstate of tattle with gossip zooming by from client to client. Numerous specialists utilize this result of an over-associated world as an impetus for advertising procedures and mysteries in abundance. Not more than a day or two ago, Rezz took to her Twitter with another pink symbol and some puzzling tweets suggesting the importance of the refreshed shading plan. The noteworthiness of this new symbol is as yet obscure. Would it be able to suggest her reputed EP?  Is it only another shading plan for merchandise, or perhaps new visuals for shows? Nobody appears to have made sense of it, yet Rezz will convey something new without a moment to spare for EDC Las Vegas.I sort of snapped with the pink aviU definitely know somethin coming—Rezz (@OfficialRezz) May 9, 2019